Our Specialties


Summer Camp

Two week Session

Starting June 3rd through August 9th

MONDAY – Friday ­

9 AM – 3 PM ­

Come visit our website for more information!

Our Creations


Holidays are approaching us and we have just the right desserts to make your holiday complete.


We prepare all of our desserts from scratch! Using only fresh ingredients to make all of our pastries a delight!

Cooking and Baking Classes

Want to learn how to cook? Well, you found the right place! Sign up today and mention this website and receive $10 off one of your cooking packages!

Adult/Children Parties

We specialize in Children and Adult parties for any occasion! From Culinary Cook offs, Bake offs, Survivor Parties and even Fear Factor Parties, just to name a few!!! Call and book your party today!

Recipes For You

Clients Say

Our Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets


Gift Basket with one Medium size Dessert bread

1 x Medium Loaf of Dessert Bread

Choose from:



Banana Nut

Life's Guilty Pleasure


Variety of our pastries all in one basket

4 x Mini Dessert Breads

1 x 9″ Pecan Pie or Toll House Pie

6 x Assorted Brownies

6 x Assorted Tarts and/or cookies

Gift Basket Loaves


Your choice of two loaves of dessert bread

2 x Dessert loaves

Choose 2 of the following loaves:

Banana Nut



Gift Baskets


2 Medium Loaves and 6 tarts, Brownies or cookies

2 x Medium Loaf And your choice of

Dessert Bread

Choose from:



Banana Nut

And your choice of:

Lemon Whippersnappers

Lemon Tarts

Deluxe Brownies


Pie Basket


Your choice of one pie

Choose 1 of the following Pies:

Pecan Pie

Toll House Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

Pumpkin Pie


Triple the pleasure


Triple the pleasure with this gift basket

3 x Loaves of dessert bread

Choose all 3 or whatever combination:

Amaretto Pound Cake

Banana Nut Bread

Praline Bread

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